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Inspection of New Construction

Inspection of newly constructed homes and one year warranty home inspections has become a large portion of our business that continues to grow each month.

Over the past several years more and more buyers of newly constructed homes have chosen to have an independent structural and mechanical inspection by a state licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector. Most real estate agents and brokers highly recommend structural & mechanical inspections by a state licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector for all home purchases. Due to negative press from such shows a 20/20 and 60 Minutes, the public has become aware that some homes may not be as complete, functional, or as safe as anticipated.

Changing building codes, new construction materials and improved technology have not always been communicated to the subcontractors hired by the builders which may cause problems or improper installation of a component. Poor workmanship and the lack of proper supervision are also factors in the overall quality of construction.

We highly recommend that prior to closing, the newly constructed house you are buying is thoroughly inspected by an independent state licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector. We feel the best time to inspect the house is just prior to the builders walk-through when all of the appliances are installed, the lights, gas and water are on and all construction is complete.

If you have already closed on your house and did not have it inspected it is highly recommended that before your one-year builder's warranty expires you have the house inspected. This detailed inspection helps maximize the benefits of your builder's one-year warranty. The inspection also helps reduce any unforeseen problems and cost of repairs for items found by a buyers inspector when you sell your home.

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